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Unclear on what to do next with your team, your business, yourself?

The rapid rate of change has left so many of us overwhelmed, confused, and in a day-to-day-daze. The bad news, change refuses to slow down and give up. BUT, by practicing the skills of Emotional Intelligence we can leverage the pace of Change into momentum for growth.

Learn how Emotional Intelligence (EQ):

  • Builds a teams ability to practice personal responsibility

  • Increases ability to engage win/win conflict in relationships

  • Grants greater clarity, composure, and confidence in the whirlwind of challenges

This 1.5hr interactive Zoom workshop will include:

  • Simple tools to help identify where your team needs growth

  • Breakout sessions

  • Q&A with MPWR Co-Founder, Eric Pfeiffer

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Having simple tools that invite our entire team to stop the blame cycle and begin taking responsibility for themselves has been a game changer! We are significantly better at proactive problem-solving and experience deeper team camaraderie. This has continued to change our entire organization.




The MPWR Workshop is an opportunity for an individual or team to learn a simple and reproducible leadership tool that will increase their ability to be a clear, confident, and courageous leader, no matter the context. Beyond education, workshop participants will practice how to implement these simple tools immediately into their team and organization.


MPWR offers a variety of half-day workshops based around our Core Toolkit. We will be offering some of these workshops to the general public. All of our workshops are meant to add real and practical value to your leadership and your team. We are currently offering a series of workshops around Becoming a Leader Worth Following. This series includes the following topics:

  • Leading through Chaos with Composure

  • How to Build Profitable Partnerships

  • Transforming Conflict into Collaboration 

  • Stop Ineffective Reactivity, Lead Proactively

  • How to Create an Empowered Culture

  • Building a Leadership Engine in Your Culture

  • Transforming a Follower to a Leader

  • Developing a Strategic Plan that Actually Does Something

  • Calibrating Development and Delivery for Growth

  • Developing Holistic and Efficient Employees


Additionally, we offer private workshops that can be customized for a specific team or business.

If you are interested in a custom private virtual workshop for your team or business, please contact Cody Miller,




(562) 250-7305

or set up a free coaching call below

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