As business leaders, we know what it means to plateau, struggle through transition, suffer dysfunctions, and fail to run well within teams and organizations. We've been there. We've spent years learning the secret to negotiating and overcoming these challenges in any context - becoming emotionally intelligent leaders! We have given our lives to investing in others what we have found personally transformative and MPWR-ing.


We help build leaders worth following who build organizations worth participating in. We coach leaders in emotional intelligence and help organizations establish a robust leadership operating system. We train leaders in simple tools and common language and practices so they can all get on the same page. Our leaders learn to operate well under increasing levels of pressure. They become masters at cultivating breakthroughs in every context of their leadership.



Co-Founder & Senior Consultant [email protected]

Eric has empowered thousands of leaders worldwide to become the best leaders of themselves and others. He believes the best leaders are made, not born, and anyone can become a great leader. Eric founded MPWR Coaching to expand his efforts of unlocking leaders' potential so they can grow their organizations and teams in new, never-imagined ways.


Leadership Performance Coach [email protected]

With over two decades of leadership experience, Dawn has honed her skills in strategic planning, team building, and community engagement. She is highly regarded for her ability to inspire and motivate teams to meet their goals and her commitment to empowering individuals and communities to effect change.

Dawn is also a skilled educator and public speaker. She has taught and spoken to groups of every size, from small workshops to large conferences, sharing her insights and knowledge on various topics related to leadership, personal transformation, and social change.

She has been married to her high school sweetheart for nearly 20 years. Together, they have two kids, two dogs, and, reluctantly, one snake at their home in San Diego. They enjoy camping in locations around Southern California every chance they get!


MA LMFT & Leadership Performance Coach [email protected]

Max is a licensed marriage and family therapist and entrepreneur who wants to see teams thrive and develop into the best versions of themselves. When faced with any scenario, he can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues, providing actionable direction to the teams he works with. Max is wise and kind, able to speak to the reality organizations face with clarity and care. He lives in beautiful Colorado with his wife, Chelsea, and two adorable kids, Audrey and Declan. He loves swimming, backpacking, and enjoying a playful life with his family and close friends.


Leadership Performance Coach [email protected]

Jared's personal philosophy, passion, and purpose are to equip people to become extraordinary lifelong learners about themselves, their relationships, and their pursuits so they can live enjoyable, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

Before earning his MBA with an emphasis on organizational psychology and a Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology, Jared was a seasoned, enthusiastic, and dedicated CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and mobility coach.

Jared is one of the lead facilitators and instructional designers for the Los Angeles Department of Health Services' Leadership Development program. In addition to his wife, Rachel, and dog, Taka, Jared loves John Mayer, martial arts movies, and barbeque!


Leadership Performance Coach [email protected]

Karen is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach passionate about developing leaders, building strong teams, and driving employee engagement. She has worked with various organizations, from national franchises to non-profits in South America and Central Asia. Her greatest joys include helping individuals and teams develop their exceptional talents. Karen's clients credit her with having "the natural ability to partner with leaders in taking their organizations to the next level." She loves travel, laughter, and helping organizations create highly engaged workplaces.


Leadership Performance Coach
[email protected]

 Cody is passionate about helping teams honestly address and overcome their cultural dysfunction and empowering servant leaders. He will invest in others the same tools that have transformed his life and leadership. Cody is happily married to Shauna. They have two adorable kiddos, Milo and Kasen, and a rambunctious Frenchie named Chubs. They are foodies and coffee snobs and have a growing affinity for parks and strolls with the boys.