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As leaders in the business sector, we know what it means to plateau, struggle through transition, suffer dysfunctions and fail to operate well within teams and organizations. We’ve been there. We’ve spent years learning the secret to negotiating and overcoming these challenges in any context - becoming emotionally intelligent leaders! We have given our lives to investing in others what we have found so personally transformative and MPWR-ing.

We help build leaders worth following who build organizations worth being a part of. We coach leaders in emotional intelligence and help organizations establish a robust leadership operating system. We train leaders in simple tools and common language and practices so they can all get on the same page. Our leaders learn to operate well under increasing levels of pressure. They become masters at cultivating breakthrough in every context of their leadership.


Founder & Senior Consultant

Eric has empowered thousands of leaders worldwide to become the best leaders of themselves and others. He believes the best leaders are made, not born and that anyone can become a great leader. Eric founded MPWR Coaching to expand his efforts of unlocking leader's potential so they can grow their organizations and teams in new, never-imagined ways.


Executive Consultant

Cody is passionate about helping teams honestly address and overcome their cultural dysfunction and empowering servant leaders. He is committed to investing in others the same tools that have transformed his own life and leadership. Cody is happily married to Shauna. They have an adorable toddler, Milo, and a rambunxious Frenchie named Chubs. They are foodies, coffee snobs and have a growing affinity for parks and strolls with the little man.

MPWR Logo.png
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