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On-Site and Virtual Coaching

Cost Varies with Team Size & Scope


MPWR Team Coaching is a journey from organizational frustration and dysfunction toward widespread cultural transformation through the training and empowerment of coaching leaders. It varies by industry and organizational structure, but it consistently yields a paradigm shift toward leading through coaching and the development of a robust leadership engine inside of the organization. This leadership engine powers the team to recruit great talent, train up-and-coming leaders, deploy all resources with clarity and confidence, and review with honesty and integrity.


MPWR Team Coaching has three phases. The first phase focuses on how to train coaching leaders. 


The first phase infuses a coaching culture into your current leadership.

  • The identified leadership team will learn the MPWR Core Toolkit. This toolkit will be introduced one-by-one to help leaders master each tool and utilize them in their leadership context.  

  • Your MPWR Coach will introduce core coaching practices and the “huddle model” for meetings and leadership development. 

  • This first, intensive phase includes weekly video calls with leadership team, bi-weekly one-on-ones with the key leader (owner, president, branch manager, team leader, etc.) and bi-monthly on-site trainings with the leadership team.


The second phase shifts the focus from leadership training to culture transformation. 

  • Your MPWR Coach will work with the leadership team to implement the leadership pipeline at every level of your organization.  

  • The leadership team will begin regular coaching huddles with their respective teams and hone their coaching skill set. 

  • This phase includes bi-weekly video calls with the leadership team, weekly one-on-ones with the key leader, and quarterly on-site trainings with leadership team. 


The third phase is characterized by innovation and reinforcement. 

  • At this point, your team will be off and running with their ever-developing skill set, finding new ways to coach and implement the Core Toolkit.

  • Old habits die hard, so it is vital that the culture shift is reinforced by the key leader and broader leadership team. Your MPWR Leadership Coach provides support and accountability to maintain the culture shift through weekly calls with the entire team. 

  • Additionally, your team will develop a strategy for scalability, integration, innovation and ownership. There are also optional on-site trainings for special projects and one-on-ones that may naturally progress out of the strategic planning.


  • Weekly coaching one-on-ones with the key leader and most meetings with broader leadership team will be conducted utilizing Zoom video conferencing. Throughout the phases there are formal on-site trainings with the leadership team. They are typically last one day, unless the team is working on a special project that requires more time.

  • Your MPWR Team Coaching agreement also includes unlimited offline access to your Coach for additionally processing or problem solving for the key leader and the broader leadership team.

  • The cost for an MPWR Team Coaching ranges based on team size and scope, given the custom nature of each agreement. Travel expenses, if applicable, for on-site trainings are in addition to the monthly agreement. There is a three-month deposit required and then the agreement is month-to-month with a review every six months. Either party can cancel the agreement with a one-month notice.

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