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One-Hour Weekly Coaching Call


Our Leadership Cohort is for leaders who are wanting to operate at the highest level of emotional intelligence and their leadership capacity. They develop the tools and skills to be the best in the world at coaching themselves and lead others into growth and clarity. We believe Self-Coaching Leaders are the best leaders.


Your Cohort Coach will guide you and other participating leaders through the MPWR Core Toolkit over a twelve-month term. These tools are vital in providing the paradigms and practices to operate from a position of clarity, confidence and courage in any context. You will become a better leader across every area of your life.

The Toolkit Will Empower You To:

  • Reproduce your skills and expertise in those you lead and train

  • Make the best decisions and proactively work through conflict 

  • Assess your team’s leadership engine and strategize how to recruit, train, deploy and review other empowered leaders

  • Assess and identify the current position of any team member on their development journey and understand the necessary posture of leadership to maximize growth 

  • Regularly identify and engage opportunities for personal, culture and organizational transformation

  • Calibrate the necessary connection and challenge that growth necessitates

  • Create and nurture productive partnerships, both inside and outside your organization, built on trust

  • Promote emotional, relational, mental and physical health while embracing the necessary rhythms that lead to a more productive life and culture

  • Take inventory of your personal and team’s investments of time, energy and other resources in order to recalibrate your investment strategy and maximize your return

  • Lead well-rounded reviews for your teams or organization

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